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The Garden Librarian of this site has been writing garden articles and blogging for a number of years, but long before that, reading libraries full of garden books. And buying garden books after foraging through bookstores! Not just that, but practically eating up every garden magazine and article she could find! Hoping to share good books on gardening with you, and a few opinions on why a book is worth your time and space on the bookshelf…. or not.

While I am not an actual librarian in real life, I am one for this site and my own home bookshelf… and it is in the spirit of building the discerning garden library that this site is written. Most are books I have purchased or borrowed from the Public Library (many of them over the years).

I welcome the idea of sample copies of new books, contact me through the form at the bottom right of this page. Contact Me

I reserve the right to be completely honest in my review of any books sent to me, which is the service rendered to the readers of this site.

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The books I most highly recommend may not be the newest or flashiest garden books, but they will be reviewed for genuine usefulness or inspiration. Those are the type of books I like in my garden library!

There is a real “Ilona“, and I have a real garden. Welcome to my site, and welcome to this new part of it, I hope you enjoy the reviews and book information. If you decide to buy one through my links, it will support my efforts, or you might want to donate through the ‘coffee’ link. Thank you!

If you need specific information on gardening or plants, be sure to go to Ilona’s Garden, the gardening website.