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Mignonette, Reseda Odorata

This annual is the subject of one of the first plant favorite profiles I wrote, years ago. The reason I fell in love with this plant was the beautiful scent it had. Hidden among other plants in a container or given a patch of...

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New Review Efforts

In the new efforts to make reviews that are simple to post, help my readers the most, and integrate more into my garden site, Ilona’s Garden, there have been big changes in the Garden Librarian.

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Why Buy Garden Books?

Should You Buy Garden Books? It’s an honest question. After all, with the plethora of information and fabulous garden photographs available with the click of a mouse on the internet, who needs to spend money on books that...

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Timeless Landscape Design

An oversized book reads like a delightful course in landscape design; perhaps not surprising, since the authors are renowned in the fields of landscape architecture. Filled with beautiful photos, as are many lovely garden books, but with the additional inclusion of many illustrated design concepts. It is a book that brings learning design into a form that is easy to grasp.

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