Author: Ilona Erwin

Mignonette, Reseda Odorata

This annual is the subject of one of the first plant favorite profiles I wrote, years ago. The reason I fell in love with this plant was the beautiful scent it had. Hidden among other plants in a container or given a patch of its own in the garden, once you catch the drift of this sweet perfume you will understand the love that it inspires. One of the problems in planting it is how hard it has become to find a source for seeds. Once you find them, it is a very easy plant to grow. These seeds come from the Monticello Shop, connected with Thomas Jefferson’s famous historical home. The generous 250-280 seeds per pack means there are plenty of places you can sow them to enjoy the fragrance. This is an affiliate link that will take you to the Monticello site, where you can purchase these hard to find seeds. Who Will Enjoy Mignonette Those who love fragrance in the garden, and don’t mind plants that offer less of a visual show will feel the same affection for these plants that Josephine Bonaparte was said to have had. The French nickname for this plant means “Little Darling”.  Napoleon sent Reseda odorata seed directly from Egypt where it has its origins. Growing annuals in containers will give anyone to opportunity to try out this flower on their balcony or in...

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Handy Fiskars Snips Make Light Work Of Many Garden Chores

Snip Flower Heads Simply and Easily Reach For The Snips I bought these Snips with their protective case a few years ago. I like the way they keep their sharpness and the good locking mechanism which keeps the blades closed when you are walking between jobs. Fiskars Multi-Snip with Sheath This is the exact tool that I am finding so many uses for, and it includes the handy sheath (not shown), which is necessary to protect the gardener from the sharp blade. I use it for recycling cardboard, as well as snipping off spent blooms and cutting fresh herbs...

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