Favorite Garden Authors


  • Helen Van Pelt Wilson – a garden writer from an earlier generation, you might not hear her name very often. Yet, she had a delight and a garden sense that every American gardener could really benefit from today. Her enthusiasm and specific ideas, along with a garden experience that she translates well for all levels of gardeners, were very influential in my own ideas of garden planning
  • Tracy DiSabato-Aust is a modern author who has a great grasp of plants and gardening design. She is the best American garden author today in my opinion. My bias is that she hales from this part of Ohio, and all her information and ideas are immediately useful to gardener in this type of climate ( Zone 5 and colder). I love her style, and her books are full of wonderful pictures which make them a double delight.


  • Penelope Hobhouse
  • Gertrude Jekyl
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Beth Chatto
  • Rosemary Verey
  • Graham Thomas
  • John Brookes


  • Piet Oudolf -called by one, “today’s garden design geniuses”, I have to agree. His books give you a thorough and modern sense of what is beautiful in landscape design.

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