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If I had only one choice of a weeding tool to take to an Island, or anywhere else, this is the one. I bought the DeWit Cape Cod Weeder this year to replace weeding tools that had gone missing (who knows what happened to them!) and it made the necessity of purchasing another tool a blessing in disguise. I now have the best weeding tool of my life. It is made of fine quality materials, feels good in the hand, and most importantly, is useful in all sorts of weeding situations.

 Being right handed, this is the one I choose, but if you are a Southpaw, a version is available just for you. There is also one with a different handle ( in both left and right hand choices).

Normally I need several tools for the job of clearing the garden of unwanted plants. But having this one has cut the number of tools to haul around, as well as cutting stubborn weed roots of all sorts. Nothing equals it for crevices between flagstones, bricks, or pavers. It is sharp and the shape works to lever weeds out, cut them, or to use as a small shuffle hoe, dispatching sprouting seedlings.

This tool actually makes weeding a joy instead of a drudge.

The Brand Difference

Cape Cod Weeder

Photo of my brand new purchase

I like the wooden handle, which I find very comfortable to use, the blade is tough and made of Swedish boron steel.

What is boron steel? It is a high strength steel for products that need that quality in the final product. Made in Holland by a family-run company, DeWit is a reputable name in garden tools, and I had particularly looked for it, but it is hard to find in regular stores.

I really had had it with tools that break, rust, and don’t work well. After all these years of gardening, one lesson that I learned all too well (the hard way) is how important your tools are, and that they should be the highest quality possible.

Believe me when I say I know about this, because in my more than forty years of gardening, many tools have broken at the handle and shanks have come loose.

I’ve also tried many styles of weeding tools, and this one earns the name weeding wonder because of how good it is to use.


I did choke a little at the price, I’ll be honest. I am extremely frugal, and I didn’t like the fact that I had to buy new tools due to losing my favorites, the former Dutch hoe and some others. (That is another story, because it was strange to suddenly not be able to find my tools). But when I held it in my hand I could tell right away that it would be worth it (years of working with garden tools will do that- you get almost a sixth sense about tools you will like to use).

I couldn’t wait to get it home and started using it right away. In fact it worked so well that I did a marathon weeding session that my body wasn’t used to… and paid a hefty price in straining my knee. So, yes, one drawback is that you might actually like to weed so much that you will lose track of time and over-do it.

Why I Recommend This So Highly

Weeding in My Backyard Veggie Garden

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Highest quality craftsmanship and materials
  • One of the most versatile of hand tools for weeding
  • Comfortable to use

Who should get this weeder?

If you have a yard and need to do any weeding at all, get this tool. Get it before you waste money on cheap things that won’t last.

If you have brick walks, or stone paths that tend to have growth along the cracks, this will be be very useful, especially if you want something all purpose, instead of a specialty tool.

Really, anyone who gardens will love to use this for working in their yards.

In Action On Walks, Veggie Gardens, And Flower Beds

fieldstone walk

The cracks between the fieldstones are clear, thanks to me and my handy weeder

I bought this tool at the same time, and it is very useful for grubbing out weeds and cultivating the soil. Sharp edge also useful for chopping the soil and breaking clods.


If you are unsure of what the gardener weed can do, or simply want to know more about weeders or hoes in general, look at this video,  a good idea of how the tool works.

Video From DeWit


The Cape Cod Weeder Or A Cobrahead?

Some gardeners swear by the CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator, but if you get the Cape Cod, this one is superfluous. Choose one or the other for your needs.

The reason I like the DeWit brand better has to do with the sharpness of the edge and the feel of a wooden handle. I do so much weeding that the comfort of the handle is really important to me.

Having a sharp edge also make the work go much more quickly- and there is no needed explanation why that is a boon!

Most Recently

clears weeds from cracks between pavers

Pavers easily kept clear of weeds, just need to be swept!

A friend of mine just started gardening. She put in her first vegetable plot with enthusiasm and during this wet summer the plants grew like gangbusters! However, when plants grow so vigorously, you can bet the weeds are one step ahead.

I lent her my Cape Cod weeder and told her where she could buy one, because she was stunned by how much easier the weeding tasks became with the right tool.

Long story short: my friend soon went to buy her own, and delighted in telling me that she lent her weeder to a volunteer who clearing an overgrown area around her church. He made quick work of one path, and made his way up another with the help of this great “gardener’s helper”.

It is just another tale of how a job is so much easier, and the results are so much better with the right tool for the job!

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