In the new efforts to make reviews that are simple to post, help my readers the most, and integrate more into my garden site, Ilona’s Garden, there have been big changes in the Garden Librarian.

If you have visited here before (doubtful, but possible), you noticed I stopped writing reviews, and tried to change the site around several times. I wanted to rate the books with a simple star system, give great information that is easily scanned, and help guide like-minded gardeners to books I loved. I am trying out two different plugins that I hope will do the jobs necessary.

I want this page to look like my garden site, so moving between the two is seamless.

This site will broaden to hold reviews of tools and garden products I’ve been using. If I wrote reviews elsewhere I will rate and link to those, and that brings me to another feature that should help my readers (*I love you, I do!):

Linking to great reviews that helped me, which are written by others. So you can benefit from what has benefitted me. Not just one voice.  That might not seem wise to some marketers, and it may not be, but it would be better for the readers. A Golden Rule sort of decision, that as a shopper who researches and wants valuable information before I buy something… that is what I hope to provide.

As Always

You can donate the cost of a coffee if you like my work, supporting the site through using my Amazon links is appreciated. I’d rather not have to get a job as a WalMart Greeter, and still hope for support of my writing.

What The Future Holds

Some old reviews may get re-written into the new format, I haven’t decided that yet.

Here is to a new year, a new look, and new articles! Cheers!

Example of one of the links to reviews:

DeWit Cape Cod Weeder