Eva Cullum Tall Summer Phlox

This is a wonderful perennial for planting at the edge of your shrubbery or a stand of trees. It is a classic for the perennial border, and creates a feature at a time when the rest of the flower borders look a little ragged: late summer. Eva Callum is one of the stronger and better varieties and comes in a very harmonious pink.



Eva Cullum Tall Summer Phlox - 3 root divisions
Phlox paniculata
One of the stalwarts of the garden, this pink phlox is an excellent variety that gives fragrance, striking color, and presence in the late summer garden. Warm rose pink with a deeper eye, it rises 2 to 4 feet tall with a 20 inch width.

It has resistance to the mildew issues that can bother some of the tall phlox. Allowing good air flow around plants will further stave off any problems. The perfume and clear pink flowers borne in abundance make this a plant you will be glad you included in your flower garden.

Our grandmothers loved it. Easy to grow and propagate by division.

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