The Kitchen Garden, A Practical Guide to Planning & Planting

by Andi Clevely

This book from the Wayside Gardens Collection belongs on the shelves of those who decide they must have a Kitchen Garden as part of their landscape. Unlike some books of this type (such as Herbs by Emelie Tolley and Chris Mead) -hybrid gardening and recipe chapters) Andi Clevely’s ‘The Kitchen Garden‘ is one book that actually sticks to the gardening aspect of growing food for the kitchen.

Kitchen gardens are a bit different from the usual veggie patch and Clevely’s book well illustrates that fact. In fact, the illustrations are a real asset of owning this book! You will learn so much, just as the maxim “a picture is worth a thousand words” and garner ideas for your own vegetable patch /¬†Kitchen Garden.

With beautiful pictures of well designed examples, hand drawn ornamentation and how-to directions, ‘The Kitchen Garden‘ is spiced with the colorful additions which make many of today’s garden books such a delight to the eyes. The format begins with garden basics and moves into specific plant profiles for vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

I liked the clear directions and information given.

If you have many garden books, you may find the coverage of the basics repetitive for you, but I thought this was well done, in a way both easy to access and well-written.

Helpful hints and tabled information are added into the book in a visually accessible and pleasing way. The book is subtitled as “A Practical Guide to Planning & Planting” and I think that is exactly what it is, with the added value of those lovely photos and illustrations.

If you aren’t interested in growing food, or if you want¬†something highly detailed in the practice of improving your produce, or understanding organic gardening methods, you might not fully appreciate the simplicity this book offers. Sometimes, though, clear, to-the-point information garnished with attractive pictures is the perfect garden guide.

I have also written a review in my Garden Journal.

The Kitchen Garden Guide Reviewed by Ilona Erwin on . Making a food garden into a garden of delights. This book will inspire and guide you to create a patch of paradise in your own yard. A kitchen garden can be so much more than a lowly vegetable patch. Rating: 4.5