A Genuine Plant Stand

It doesn’t take very long before a gardener gets serious about starting plants indoors. Besides the economical benefit of growing numbers of plants for a fraction of nursery costs, it is a fun and challenging activity.
Admittedly, if a person is “handy” they may be able to build their own plant stand outfit, but most of us would be very happy with this beauty. I was spoiled. I inherited my grandmother’s sturdy stand, with large plant trays and lights with shades (like this example). It is so much better than trying to utilize narrow windowsills that can be drafty and never hold enough.

A good quality stand, which doesn’t take up too much space, but holds plenty of plants, and has strong enough light is a real boon to gardeners. When not used for starting seeds, it is ideal for houseplants or indoor herbs. My setup also has powder coated metal frame which makes it easy to wipe down and holds its good looks. I prefer the size of this one. While my own is a larger size, it can be hard to make room for it. Something that can be wheeled out of the way is an asset.

This is number #1 on my wishlist for gardeners.

Who and Why

Why this is on my personal wishlist. If you like to have your starts growing in the living spaces, like a kitchen or dining room instead of a basement, the good looks and neatness, not mentioning the size, of this particular setup is ideal. DIY plant lights usually look like they belong in a basement, and they take landing space if you don’t rig up a separate stand.

I want to continue growing plants, but I need to downsize many of my belongings. This setup is good looking, hard working, and fits into smaller spaces.

Heirloom Seeds and Wooden Storage Box

Seed saver organizer,
wooden box with heirloom seeds
, is reusable.

Seed Packet Box with Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Seed Packet Box with Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

I have seeds leftover each season, and putting them away in a haphazard manner has resulted in not finding them the next growing season. That is always disappointing. I would love this handsome box to keep extra packets of seed, after planting the heirlooms from Monticello.

It comes with “Long Red Cayenne Pepper, Yellow Pear Tomato, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Paris White Cos Lettuce, Long Green Improved Cucumber, Scarlet Runner Bean, White Eggplant, Bullnose Pepper, Rouge Demi-Longue de Chantenay Carrot and Early Curled Siberian Kale.” If those don’t appeal to you, you could gift them to another gardener, although Cherokee Purple tomato and Cos lettuce would always be on my list of favorites. The box is 6x9x6 inches.

I like the divided sections within it, but if I found another box a bit bigger and less pricey, I would go for that. However, that said, this comes from the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, and each purchase helps support Monticello, which is a National treasure. I am kind of a history buff, and this allows me to disconnect my more frugal side.


Every gardener needs easy to slip-on shoes and boots for going out into the garden in all weather.

What makes a “slogger“? My favorites are in the form of clogs, those durable and waterproof shoes with an open back.

However, many are the times when the knee high boots come in handy; usually during inclement weather and when wading through puddles. On the safe side, owning a pair of each means it is easy to gift your gardener. 


After mudding up a few pairs of shoes while giving into the temptation to wander out into the garden to do just a few “things”, I quickly became a fan of garden clogs. The Sloggers are well made, attractive ones that will last and give maximum satisfaction.

Cute Plants

Yes, even if you are not a gardener you will fall in love with cute plants- especially when they are easy to care for. Succulents are trendy for those two reasons. So a gift of a selection of forms and types will be welcome for gardening friends no matter what their level of expertise. Throw in a large, shallow pot and some growing medium to encourage a self made display.

Display Idea:

succulent display

Succulents displayed in a large pottery bowl.

A few darling succulents can dress up even a “white elephant” gift, and turn a re-gifted bowl or pot into a delightful present.

Whimsical Miscellany

We love to decorate our homes with farmstead, nature, and garden related things. Plaques and pots, art and utensils are all game for placing reminders of our favorite pastimes. Dream up a combination like houseplants and a favorite animal. I personally love sheep, and they have holiday significance!


Never Too Many Tools

We lose them, and we break them; we need to equip coveted helpers among the many reasons to have more than one “best” tool. While I absolutely love my DeWit Cape Cod Weeder, there are other equally useful tool to stuff a stocking. A similar one is the CobraHead weeder. They are made in the USA, and ergonomically designed for eith erleft or right hand use.

Buy an Experience

Find classes given by a nearby Botanical Garden or Garden Center, match it with the recipient in ability or interest. For example, not everyone wants to know how to design a garden, but many would love a class that results in a take-home wreath or flower arrangement. Making an organic facial scrub or soap are also related to many an herbal interested person. Use your imagination or visit this site, which I have an affiliation with:

Watch woodworking classes at myBluprint.com

It’s the Little Things: Gardenesque Stocking Stuffers

Stuff a stocking, make a gift basket, or just present some of the niftiest gardener gadgets this holiday.

  1. Cute nail cleaning brush
  2. Garden themed socks 
  3. Knee pads
  4. Bag Balm hand ointment
  5. Fairy garden accessories
  6. Snowman Garden Flag
  7. Garden Apron
  8. Garden by the Moon Calendar
  9. Pair of Garden Snips
  10. Bandanas