Welcome to the Garden Librarian

Welcome To The Garden Library

The Garden Librarian welcomes you- and you don’t need to remain quiet- no shushing here. Just opinions and introductions to the books, tools, and stuff that makes growing things easier and greener.

Thanks for dropping in. Reviewing garden books, products, and plants that I’ve read, used, and grown over the years and sharing the ones that I think you will like and find of the most benefit.

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Books To Read

We all need resource info, and sometimes it is just fun to read other gardeners experiences. Whatever your desire or need, let’s explore some of the tomes, venerable and new, that help us take pleasure in our gardens.

Plants To Grow

Not all plants are equal… and new ones are introduced all the time. Though I started out reviewing books, there is a time to review the plants themselves.

Garden Librarian

reviewing the best in garden books


Thoughts and Essays relating to the books and reviews or general trends in garden writing…

Locating Products

Product reviews that will interest gardeners and homeowners. Yes, it is JMO, but that is the point!


My Book Reviews

What I have to say about the books I’ve read. I will tell you exactly why I like them and who will get the most value from them.


You or a gardener you love might like these. Gift ideas, stuff for gardeners, posts about this general topic.

Reviewing Garden Books

Top Wishlist Items For An Avid Gardener

Top Wishlist Items For An Avid Gardener

A Genuine Plant Stand It doesn't take very long before a gardener gets serious about starting plants indoors. Besides the economical benefit of growing numbers of plants for a fraction of nursery costs, it is a fun and challenging activity. Admittedly, if a person is...

Gardener Gift Ideas

Gardener Gift Ideas

What are people buying for the gardener on their list? I have some ideas which may inspire you to give the garden fanatic something that they will love and appreciate all year. An ornamental post to bring a bit of art and whimsy into the garden or a patio. It comes in...

High Quality Tools For The Garden

High Quality Tools For The Garden

One place you really need to have high quality is in your garden tools. They get a hard workout over a long period of time- for me, all season long every year.
Too many times the ones offered in many garden centers- and most certainly the discount stores where we so often get our garden gear- are made cheaply in China.

The Best Perennial Plant Books

The Best Perennial Plant Books

…if you would like a to simply find the best picks without a detailed review, this page is one you might bookmark for a reference as you build a library to guide your creation of a perennial garden

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