Energy-Wise Landscape Design

by Sue Reed

As stated in the introduction:

There are no exact recipes … no numbered diagrams… no pretty pictures

This is simply a very informative handbook to help save energy in your landscape. And it is good at what it does.

I liked it for what it did not have, as much for what it does:
no frill and fluff means we can get straight to putting these suggestions into action and make them gardening assets and habits.

What this book does have is lots of scientific information understandable at the layman’s level, many instructive illustrations, and lots and lots of great ideas.
green living
You might already know that trees can save on your heating and cooling bills, but do you know the best way to locate them on your property for best effect? This book will help you with that.

Filled with actionable suggestions to ensure the easiest steps to actual implementation.

For the essential plant science that you will learn, alone, this book is worth the money paid for it. But it has much more. Included throughout the chapters are small vignettes on “Green Roofs”, “How a Tree Becomes Lumber”, Solar Hot Water”, and many such energy wise ideas.

The serious chapter on solar lighting will guide you in choosing which lamps will really work for your landscaping purposes.

The steps to greener living given are easy, practical, and positive.

This is the book to have for deliberate energy saving and living more green in your landscape. We all ought to read it and follow the road to better use of our environment. A book to have on the shelf for its long-term applications.

Energy-Wise Landscape Design Reviewed by The Garden Librarian on . Greener Living to save energy. A lean, mean, greener garden handbook that delivers great information and straight forward,easy to implement ideas on saving evergy. Rating: 4.0

Sue Reed’s biography at Amazon:

Sue Reed is a registered landscape architect and a specialist in ecological landscape design who has helped hundreds of homeowners create …landscapes that save energy. She is an experienced writer and teacher .