Quick Reviews Of My Choices

If you want a quick rundown and a quick, simple review of the fabulous and few books that i choose for a perennial garden bookshelf, you are in luck. Over at Squidoo I created a page of the books I find most helpful, by authors I respect.

It is my list of personal favorites.

So if you would like a to simply find the best picks without a detailed review, this page is one you might bookmark for a reference as you build a library to guide your creation of a perennial garden.

The Perennial Garden Book List

Perennial Book Authors

As you can see Tracy DiSabato-Aust heads up my Best Perennial Books List, but I have seven other authors/books that I think should be on your bookshelf.

Christopher Lloyd is there, Allan Armitage, are also in the top five.

I kept it to a short list, but my love of perennial plant books is long. If I would include all the English authors that are the most influential for me, Penelope Hobhouse is certainly one that delivers a barrow full of advice along with some of the best design ideas for borders.

Color in Your Garden
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The reason to not include her in the list was because her books are mainly written for design, and not restricted to plants, themselves. The list of recommended books I have curated was for someone who may have picked up a plant at the nursery, and then thought “what now?”

I think we all do that: spontaneously buy a plant with no idea of how to grow it, where to put it, and maybe at a loss for even what it’s name is! For those of us who have a habit of this, the books that identify, describe cultivation and growing tips, are a necessity.

I put together a list that starts with my top five choices, then adds some extras that cover specific garden needs such as one for cold climate gardeners, for example. If you need ideas on how best to use your books, there are some paragraphs on those related topics, as well.

How About You?

If you are a gardener who has a bookshelf dedicated to perennial gardening…

Are there others that you think are must-haves? Be sure and rate this information resource for helpfulness after you have viewed  my list. Or let me know in the comments about your opinions of which books help you the most with growing perennials.