stone This is one of those times to pay particular attention to the title of a book. Above all, this paperback book from Taunton press is a picture book of ideas. It is luxuriously filled with all sorts of ideas for using stone in your landscape, and the ideas are quite varied, some are stunning.

Although I would love a mosaic area, it would take artistry and a great deal of work to accomplish. I have a field stone walk, and I can tell you that upkeep is a major job. Still, stonework makes a garden more beautiful and is clearly a way for your landscape to stand out- these pictures will prove that to you.

There is very little how-to or tips, although there are some. If you want DIY help, this is not the book to buy. It is inspirational, however, and we all need plenty of inspiration to keep creative juices flowing as we design our home gardens. I like the book very well for that. It is much in keeping with the publishers style as known from their excellent gardening magazine, ‘Fine Gardening‘.