Tomatoes: A Gardener’s Guide

by Simon Hart
Tomatoes: A Gardener’s Guide by Simon Hart is an A-Z little guide which which is all about tomatoes. This compact book is full of bright and colorful, fully relevant, pictures. It begins at the beginning with nomenclature and the history of the tomato in our gardens, and moves on into the beefsteak of growing information that every tomato gardener wants to know.

Thorough explanation of all those important terms that seed houses and growers use: determinate, indeterminate, heritage, heirloom, beefsteak, potato-leaved. The whole shebang. After reading this guide you, too, will be fluent in tomato talk.

Raising the plants and troubleshooting, proper feeding and watering – all those very necessary points of tomato culture are covered and easy to reference.

All in all, a very helpful guide to have on hand.

Who benefits most from this book:
Anyone who wants to grow delicious ripe tomatoes in their own home garden would benefit from having this book on the library shelf.

In today’s world of economic and nutritional benefits of growing your own food, tomato cultivation is at the top of the list for the majority of gardeners.

Any level of expertise would find this book useful, especially since there is a world of difference between tomatoes grown well and those just plopped into the garden with fingers crossed.

Everyone is the short answer.

Simon Hart is a lecturer in horticulture, specializing in greenhouse crops, and a gardening author.